Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Ten Cats Fixed Yesterday. 19 Fixed Last Two Days.

BS colony torti Herschey, the one who pooped on my coat and peeed on my car seat, spayed yesterday.
Stray Albany female, Bitty, who turned out to be already spayed.
BS colony kitten Twix, male, neutered yesterday.
Sugar, the stray Albany teen torti, spayed yesterday.
KP, the ragdoll black and white big male, fixed yesterday who was also abandoned in Albany.
Lebanon 5th Wheeler colony male, Vince, a polydactyl Siamese mix, neutered yesterday.
Black tux teen female Precious, from Lebanon 5th Wheeler colony, spayed yesterday.
Hercules, big gray and white polydactyl splendid male, from Lebanon 5th wheeler colony, fixed yesterday.

Not shown: the two Church colony cats fixed yesterday, an orange and white male, and the dark torti.

My Poppa Inc. budget is used up for the month. And still, I have three dozen cats and 21 kittens in addition on the wait list to be fixed. Sad, eh?

I still have the Lebanon three here, two big polydactyl inbred males and a teen girl, who were fixed yesterday, needing to go home. EVerybody else from yesterday and the day before went home.

I had kept the Church colony black tux male here, after he was fixed Monday, for the night, and the first four Lebanon cats remained here Monday night too. In addition the three from Columbus were here for the night Monday night. But they all went home yesterday. It isn't easy to do all the running around, care for the hordes here, care for a dozen in the garage too, over night, then return them all, clean all the traps, do the laundry. Isn't easy.

Those Columbus three semi feral teen girls done Monday were chock full of roundworms. I worm the cats by mixing roundwormer into wet food I leave in the traps for the night if they're here the night after surgery. Usually they scarf it in the night and by morning, have pooped out loads of dead roundworms. That was the case with the Columbus three. I showed the old couple the worm laced poop in the traps after we released them and encouraged them to buy some roundwormer and mix it into the wet food for all the cats seperating out plates for each.

But only three of the ten fixed yesterday spent the night. That's the Lebanon three.

I didn't get hotos of the orange and white church colony male, nor the church colony torti fixed yesterday. Got so tired I forgot.

The rest, I'll get their photos posted at some point. Ten fixed yesterday. Except Bitty, a stray female who showed up down on Columbus, the downtown section, turned out to be already fixed.

A young stray torti plus a big ragdoll male she took in, from an another location in Albany, after contacting them off craigslist, both were fixed yesterday. She is trying to find the young fuzzy torti a home. She calls her Sugar.

The two BS colony cats were fixed, a torti and the only kitten they didn't give away, a silver tabby male, were fixed too, yesterday.

Three from Lebanon, a polydactyl Siamese mix male, Vince, and a big gray and white poly male, Hercules, plus the black tux teen female, Precious, were fixed.

Then the two church colony cats, whom they are relocating to their residence, were fixed. The second mother cat, another beautiful dark torti, mother of the three kittens I trapped first including the Lilac point who died in surgery, was fixed. Her surviving two kittens, the flamepoint and another torti, are already up at the feeders residence, contained in my rabbit hutch for relocation there. She'll see them again. Then the orange and white male, brother of the black tux male fixed Monday, was fixed. They will be housed together in relocation up to the feeders residence. That should work out fine.

Those are the ten who were fixed yesterday. All good catches and fixes, so I'm happy about it. I'm worn out too and I wish I could just immediately get the rest on the wait list fixed. I wish the money was there to get that accomplished. I like to get things done immediately. But, the money isn't there and that's just the way it is.

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