Thursday, October 21, 2010

Nice Kid and the Five Kittens from the Clover Ridge Feral

The folks off Clover Ridge, who feed the feral female Boots, fixed last week, have tamed her very last litter, who will soon be fixed, and they're sooo cute. Especially the black fuzzy male kitten Bear. I bet you can tell which one he is.

My neighbor's son is nice. He's got Asbergers I think it's called. His mother "volunteered" him last night, said he needed an outing. The kids are out of school again today, tomorrow, too. Teacher inservice or something. She says it's almost once a week they have a day off. He loves animals so along he went.

First stop, we picked up the traps at the Scravel colony. He saw some cats in their window when we arrive and wanted to see them, but she was busy. Even though I had a lot of trouble commmunicating with these folks there, I know they're good people because they love animals. Sometimes it's just a complete difference in background and the way people relate. Means nothing except communication is an issue and it gets hard. I'm glad most of their cats are now fixed and I hope they get those other two fixed and I"m sure they will.

Then we stopped in at another colony I'd trapped up there two years ago and he got to see their very cool place and cats there. Then we went to Millersburg and I showed him where Sam came from. He really likes Sam. We were going to go to some other places, but he got hungry and he eats on a specific schedule. In fact, he doesn't like to be off schedule at all, which I believe is a hallmark of Asbergers. So I brought him home.

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