Monday, October 18, 2010

9 Cats Fixed Today

Church colony DMH Black tux. The colony feeders say it's a girl. Looks boy to me. This cat will be relocated to their residence once fixed.
Off Columbus in Albany, a man with a barn had three more teens show up. I got about 8 fixed for him one and a half years ago. I don't know this teen's sex, but I will guess girl.
The other two teens he caught, both black tuxes.
The second black tux from off Columbus.
This is a stray Albany male, who, if neutered, gets himself a home with the folks now feeding him outside.

Then there is the new big colony near Lebanon. Fixed income couple living in a small 5th wheeler with cats they feed outside, maybe 15 or 20. The first four, all girls, are getting fixed today. I told them I didn't know if we'd have the money to get them all done, so to start with the most prolific girls. They met me with these four:
Spikes, a little girl.
Pitchfork, an adult tabby on white female.
Princess, a very sweet brown tabby female.
Gimpy, a young black female with the cutest perfectly round face.

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