Thursday, October 14, 2010

Recovered Quickly! However....

I slept lots yesterday and last night. I have the two kittens here, from the Church colony. They are delightful. I've also been holding two kittens from the feeders other colony, their residence. They trapped them themselves, which is really good. There are two adults left up there, maybe four. But one in particular I had hoped they would selectively trap for first, before bothering with young kittens. That is the pregnant female. I bet she has kittens before they trap her.

There are only two adults left who hang around routinely. One male, then the pregnant female.

There are two kittens and at least one adult at the Church colony, if the two kittens survived. So, cutting it down in those two colonies.

Meanwhile, KATA e-mails a list of people who have contacted them for help with spay neuter. I called only one and it's another huge colony way out beyond Lebanon. I told them we probably don't have the money to fix 15 or 20 more cats right now, to look up the FCCO clinics online and think about that option. The cats are outside but tame enough to hand catch, the woman said. I hope they go that route.

I don't have the money to drive back and forth to way out there.

By this morning, I felt better. The pain was almost gone in my left lower side. Not completely, but getting there. My knee is still sore but I recovered quicker this time. I slept probably 11 hours and I drank lots of water. I think these two things helped.

But, I couldn't rest today. I had lots here to do. I got that new used couch in, and everything rearranged once again. To get it in, I had to take off the little stub legs, and those were stuck. I had to unscrew them by hand. It was tough. Then I got it through the door, which wasn't easy either. But it's really wonderful!!! I LOVE IT!!!

I was moving the table, had my fingers around the edge of it, and raked my knuckles raw, on one hand, when I was pushing it past the sharp wooden edge of the coffee table. There was no room for give on the hard metal side of the table or the sharp edge of the hardwood coffee table. The only soft material that could give in such a collision was my fingers.

That hurt!!!! I raked the skin off three knuckles. Blood boiled out of the edges of hanging loose skin and dripped small round drops along the floor. Blood ran down my fingers into my hand, when I held my hand up right. Blood spattered across my shirt when I shook my hand in pain and protest. The cats, awakened by my sudden yowls, looked at me sleepily, then went back to snoozing, unimpressed.

I danced around hopping from one foot to the other, shaking my hand. I threw open the freezer and grabbed an ice bag to put on my fingers but that only made the pain worse. I ran water over them then. I feared I'd broken one or two fingers, but I hadn't.

Within ten minutes I was back at work, with a bloodied up paper towel wrapped loosely around those three fingers. The pain had subsided. They're still sore, but nothing noteworthy.

I got the garage rearranged, too, and put up three old pieces of plywood, top to bottom, to cover the insulation I put on the far wall. I buy a $10 insulation roll when I can, and staple it between the studs on the wall. I'm trying to make the garage less freezing cold in the winter and broiling hot in the summer. But, I wanted to cover the insulation, eventually, and that is happening slowly, as I have decent scrap wood. It will be a hodgepodge of pieces but I measure and cut them carefully, to fit exactly together, mostly using a handsaw. Eventually, I will caulk the cracks and paint it.

But getting some of those boards up on the wall, so they're not leaning against a wall, created space. I used my two folding tables to create a space to use, and a space I can also use to recuperate cats in traps. Looks SOOOO much better in the garage. Then I went and set a trap hoping to catch those lost soul kittens. No luck. I pulled it when I realized there would be no luck for me or the kittens.

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