Friday, October 15, 2010

Brave People

People who put themselves out there to run for office are brave and must have very thick skins to take all the outrageous criticism and stretching of the truth.

When I have hard times, when people say mean things to me or about me, I just think of the candidates and what they go through, and then my little issues are put into perspective.

I never again heard from the city, after the one e-mail, suggesting I become a Safehaven volunteer and use their vouchers to fix cats and then the city would give the grant to them. I responded, but I never got a reply back to my responses. I have no idea what went on or might be going on. I think I'm out of the loop. So for now, I just keep taking in Albany cats to be fixed.

When I told someone about it, that person said, "It's all just politics." She said she would go after work and volunteer at a soup kitchen. She got sick of it, because community service people and paid people would be outside smoking while she, a volunteer, was working her butt off. She quit, she said, in disgust finally.

She said it's just politics, not to spend time worrying over it. I said, "You're right. Time spent worrying about it is wasted time. I'll just get as many cats fixed as I can and if they take the grant away and give it to Safehaven, that's the way it is." Then I said, with a grin, "Then Safehaven will need to get into action to round up community cats to be fixed and I'll head to the coast for a walk on the beach."

I wish we had plenty of money for cat fixing around here, so that it wasn't an issue and the job could get done. I wish I had a vehicle provided by who knows who, with gas and insurance, to do that job, too. Wouldn't that be nice.

Then, so many of the pressures would be off me in doing the round up.

Wish I could catch those kittens, but it's been cold nights and they may not have survived. These two here, are so frail and tiny I don't see how those other two left could still be alive.

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