Friday, October 29, 2010

Greed, Foreclosures, Bad Vaccines and Voting

Lazy greedy capitalists got America into the trouble America and the world is experiencing. Nothing more.

I fell asleep on my couch early in the evening. I'd been unable to sleep well the night before, but had to be up early to pick up cats and deliver them to be fixed. So last night, I collapsed on the wonderful couch given me by some people I once helped with cats, when they got new old furniture shipped over when a parent died.

I was going to watch tv, but fell asleep almost immediately. I woke up periodically to a repeating news story on the foreclosure mess, how its not over and thousands upon thousands more Americans are receiving notices every day.

The notices are bogus. They do not identify the original lender and instead list as lender: Bogus Assignee with "xxxxx" listed as lenders address. Some list the lender as "Bad Bene", short for "Bad Benefactor".

Even the signature, often "Linda Green" signed various ways and listed as vice president of several different lenders, is bogus on these foreclosure notices. This is arrogance, laziness and greed. Just like when the frenzy of mortgages were written in the first place, without any due process, or investigation or procedure. The bundled mortgages then were sold, graded, as investment risk, by big companies who do that, and did that badly, then sold on wall street to investors.

Blind greed coupled with lazy practises all the way and continuing! Those people who did this in the first place all need to be in jail. Instead, I bet most are still fat and employed and laughing because of the little people they stomped and are still stomping, and because they got away with it and feel they can get away with anything.

If some hapless unemployed home owner gets one of these bogus notices, they ought to burn it and fortify to defend their homes from greedy impersonal big companies. Lock and load.

Don't be pretending this is the governments fault. Some of it may be, but only through lack of regulation or if someone's hand was poking into a politicians' pocket. Most of it boils down to pure greed, laziness, moral vacancy, incompetence and the belief, by these big banks, mortgage companies and wall street, that they still can roll over anyone they want to roll over. That only the wealthy matter.

When I see Wells Fargo's name in there, foreclosing badly, I'm not surprised. The bad vaccines I bought, with a Wells Fargo credit card, are fresh in my mind. I was stupidly confident they would honor their cardholder agreement, giving me protection against defective products bought with their card. They didn't. They held no shame in their dishonesty either. None. They don't care about honesty. Or little people, struggling daily.

When I voted, I remembered the fat cats and what they've done to our country and to me.

Don't forget that when you vote. They don't care if we have jobs or homes or food, or health care, those fat cats out there.

I also just read a story about how that Arizona immigration bill was really created in secret by a group who meets in WA DC to write "friendly legislation", and the lawmakers included get big perk "campaignn contributions" and includes a bunch of big corporations including the private prison industry.

We have become puppets dancing at the whim of the puppet masters.

I didn't want to vote, especially this year. I think they're all the same and sometimes that government is just one big party of managers and upper managers and politicians. I didn't want to vote for the democrats because of the consistent support of child molestor Neil Goldschmidt by the party and its politicians and its dedication to brutality, as in its failure to manage the state hospital to help patients or to keep staff safe. They have to work, those low level staff, unbelievable forced over time. The dedication to way less than satisfactory in running state programs, like the state hospital and child protective services, makes me disgusted with the party leaders and their lackeys.

On the other hand, Republicans watch out for big corporations at the expense of little people and seem to hate poor people and intermingle their supposed fiscal values with distorted moral values that become their main focus. And yet, their moral values are non existent, really. I mean, come on. We have no moral values. Look at our species. We are bloodthirsty and ferocious and we kill our own like no other species, steal, cheat, anything we can get away with.

Republican Christians are war mongers while, on the side, screaming "we're pro-life" and trying to save fetuses, but they defeat any tax increases that might help pay for services for those fetuses once they come into our world, and, when time allows, acquire more and more personal weapons. I mean, come on!

I fear them because I think they would if they could turn America into an Iran, a theocracy, and kill off those who don't believe in their brand of religion. Religious radicals are religious radicals and there's not much difference between those kinds of zealots. They like to kill people and hang some brand of righteousness over their blood lust.

Republicans are owned by big corporations, greedy rich people, and manipulators/puppet masters like Carl Rove, in tune with the psyche of the lower income masses and who effectively manipulate the vote to achieve greater wealth and power for themselves.

So I wanted to burn my ballot while laughing hysterically and call off my participation in this big joke. Guilt drove me to fill it out and turn it in. That's it, that's the only reason I filled it out--good old American guilt.

"People died so you could vote." Well, women sat in jail and were beaten so I could vote. Women didn't get the vote when all the nice "all men are created equal" stuff was being written and going down because our founders must have written that in literally speaking. Except they excluded black men then.

It's a wonder society functions at all. It functions because little people without any power, mostly without money, just keep on keeping on despite it all, doing all the drudge work, hard as it is, struggle as it is, that keeps everything together.

I'm in bad shape, you see. I'm supposed to be doing stuff, but I inflamed my neck nerve again and am in pain. I'm supposed to be cashing in my spare change to pay my water bill and buy a couple bags of cat litter to seeme through til the first. But I haven't gotten going. Messed up from falling asleep early on the couch, waking up in my clothes, disoriented, neck even further scrunched. I'm supposed to be working on a personal improvement plan, that might lead, I was hoping, to getting into physical shape and maybe, just maybe, finding even a teensy bit of human contact.

Then I bought two bags of candy to have in case the kids down the block show up on Halloween. I bought it too early and I ate it. Yup, I ate it once again. Made me sick.

Now I have to turn out the lights and hide on Halloween night. Again. For the same reason. I can't be trusted with candy.

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