Thursday, October 28, 2010

Three Albany Cats Fixed Today

Three more Albany cats went up to be fixed today. They were a stray female taken in by someone over off Pacific, to nurse bottle babies found over near Davidson street, in someone's yard. The woman off Pacific who took them in became exhausted bottle feeding, and working, so sought a mother cat to nurse. This stray calico had kittens of her own. The woman took her in, and she nursed the bottle babies plus her own kittens despite being young herself. What a story, eh?

So she was fixed.

Then, a mother and her male kitten were fixed today too, from Geary street. The mother's white sister was fixed a couple of weeks ago. This white female had three kittens but she gave two away already. The one remaining, the black tux male, was fixed too today.

Geary street white girl, and her baby, below, both fixed today.
Geary street boy kitten.

The super mom, who nursed, altogether, nine kittens successfully. Two, maybe three, were not hers, and were instead found just born over on Davidson in someone's yard.

Boy, it is after 6:00 p.m. and I still cannot get ahold of one of the cats, fixed today, caretaker. She said she would be home all day, except she was taking her son to the doctor at some point. I stopped by. No answer. I've been calling. No answer. I hope they are ok. I wish they would call me.

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