Friday, October 29, 2010

Cattyhop is Dying

Cattyhop isn't going to make it. I doubt she makes it through the night. I had to contain her again, when she went suddenly into a downhill slide. She was severely dehydrated and again had lost weight.

Her initial slide began last spring when she lost weight. She went to a vet who thought she may have fallen and to hydrate her, but otherwise everything seemed normal. I contained her awhile in the spring and within three weeks, she had gained weight and was fine.

But...August produced another crash. Again, she went to the vet. I thought she was in kidney failure again, but her kidney function was normal. I did not have the money to do other expensive tests. I still don't.

Four days ago, she suddenly crashed again. She ate yesterday and an entire plate of the high energy easily digested cat food I got for the kittens. That only made her worse. She pooped and it was normal. Then she crashed. I gave her 200 cc of sub cu fluids. I'd already given her 100 last night. She is cold, wants to die. I have not let her, syringe feeding her some Karo syrup to keep her blood sugar up. She has the feel of a dead already cat as I hold her. After I gave her all those fluids, she seemed to go into shock and I put her on a heating pad and got her warmed. I didn't think she'd last more than five minutes more at one point. Then she rallied somewhat.

I dont' think she will be alive in the morning. I thought I felt a mass where her kidney should be. I think she has cancer. Tomorrow, I'll have to take her in. I don't want her in pain. Cattyhop is only four and a half years old and came from a colony out of highway 20.

An old woman wanted help getting adults fixed. Instead I trapped six extremely ill kittens, including Cattyhop. I also later trapped about ten adults. It was the old woman's brother who forced her to make a donation finally. He'd rescued cats, you see, and told her off for not helping with the cost of those sick kittens. She finally brought me $100. I saw her out in the driveway, when I still lived in Corvallis, just sitting in her pickup. I think she was thinking she might take off, not give a donation, to offset the extreme costs I went through to help her out, so it was a good thing I spotted her when I did. She was a very religious woman, a Mormon.

Cattyhop never got a home. She was the only one.

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