Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Done. Wells Fargo Card Chopped and Burned.

I did it. I cancelled my credit card with Wells Fargo. I chopped it up then and burned it. Symbollically.

I told them it was about honesty, that if they claim to protect a person from fraudulent claims and defective products purchased with their card then don't, that's like lying and that honesty is important. I told them and of course it's just the little people at some call center I told. You can't ever talk to the big wigs, the real Wells Fargo people, the big fat wallet bankers, but I told the little to tell the big wigs, and they'd already told me my conversation was being recorded, via this recording, that honesty matters, that if they don't intend to abide by their declarations on the agreement they should say something like, "and if you end up with defective product, purchased with our card, you are on your own."

See the dispute department when I called them, said, to reopen the disputed charge, I'd have to hire an outside expert to say, on their letterhead that vaccines should arrive at or between a certain temperature. I said, "Why would you need that, when I provided you the vaccine product information page, that states clearly the temperature range a vaccine remains viable?" I provided them information from the government on it too. I offered the video I made of unpacking it but they would not take it as it could not be stored on their electronic record system.

So I'm shopping now for a new bank, more likely a locally owned credit union. Then I'll cut all ties to this impersonal entity whose phone tree is a nightmare to navigate and employs an automated machine voice.

Sure, I am making my life harder, but doesn't honesty matter? Doesn't it? Doesn't anything matter at all?

Cancelling my account is a tiny tiny statement from a little nobody, without anything at all. It means nothing to Wells Fargo. Nothing at all. Nothing.

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