Friday, October 08, 2010

Brutus, now Brody, Gets His Home

Brutus, now named Brody James, got a good home today with an avid extreme animal lover from outside Corvallis. It is a blessing of a home for the little guy, a seasoned cat lover, with cat tattooes even on her leg.

We'll miss the little guy here.

I am bummed about Peko's adoption falling through. Made me want to cry. They too were a wonderful couple who would have given him a great home. But, in the meantime, since they are out of town, they had visited a shelter and fell in love with a cat who also needed a home and took him on the spot. I understand that, but I'm seriously bummed Peko won't be joining their home, because it was a good one.

And because I have too many here. I got cocky when Machi went to a home. Then I got desperate when I was too weak to take back Sage and her boys, to an unsuitable situation. That meant five more here needing homes. I knew Machi was leaving. Then Brutus. I was counting also on the Peko adoption and the Zach adoption, which I'm not sure if it has fallen through or not but I have a feeling it has.

Now I am cranky and desperate again, with five cats in my bathroom (Sage and her boys) and no more adoptions on the horizon. I"ve turned down a couple in the meantime, people who let their cats free roam day and night.

I don't rescue cats to have them killed by predators, dogs, angry neighbors or cars. People who do this and request to adopt, often seem outraged when I refuse. This also was the case with someone this week whom I turned down for the free roaming reason. She called it "choice" for the cats and I call it "stupid" on the part of the adoptor.

Too many wonderful kittens and cats I've rescued have gone to people who let them free roam and then they've died horrible deaths by predator or dog or car. I know these cats and kittens. They're family. And yes, I'm going to ask that adoptors also watch out for their safety. Live on a busy street? Letting them out to be run over or eaten is not love, not responsible, not kind, not smart. I'll get off my soapbox now.

They don't let their little kids play on the freeway do they? Or amongst child molestors? Or free roam the hood at night? Same things.

Goodbye little boat boy Brutus. You're Brody James now. But I still love you. We all do here. And we miss you already. You were a ray of sunshine.

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