Friday, October 08, 2010


I am outraged. I got an e-mail from the city. Seems Safehaven was talking to the mayor about controlling the cat population in Albany and surrounding areas. Apparently Safehaven wants to give vouchers to me and me be their volunteer to go trap and fix cats in Linn County, using their vouchers and participating vets.

All without talking to me. And the city would like to give them the cat grant, instead of Poppa Inc. then.

The city claims then I wouldn't have to drive clear to Wilsonville and that's what they want, local money to stay with local vets. I said, "Do you know Safehaven takes all their animals up to the same vet in Wilsonville I use? Do you know I could never take in the volume of cats to be fixed I do now, getting an appointment here and there, with those participating voucher vets?"

Safehaven knows I won't work them, for mulitple reasons. They want the Albany grant is what they want.

Safehaven could help control the cat population by not taking in kittens until the mom is fixed. They could have stopped long ago adopting out unfixed kittens. That has only ended in the last couple of years. I just got an e-mail from a woman I got four cats fixed for less than a year ago. She had another feral female show up who has now had three litters. This woman could have called me on it. Why she didn't, I don't know. Safehaven took in at least one of the litters, but did not resolve the unfixed female, who now has a third litter. That's what I'm talking about, taking in kittens without getting the mother fixed. That's stupid!!!!

When the city of Albany wanted help with cats left behind by homeless campers at Camp Boondoggle when they bought the property from Millersburg, Safehaven didn't help one bit. The city called me and asked for help, even though I lived in Corvallis then. It nearly killed me to haul out, harbor, place 36 cats, none of them fixed, but I did. Who paid? Poppa Inc. paid. My allegiance lies with Poppa Inc. because they care about cats.

In the end, I told the city, by e-mail, since they're all gone for the weekend now, that no, I would not work with Safehaven in this manner. That is, not unless it is a paid cat wrangler position that comes with a vehicle,(because mine is falling apart) gas money, supplies and access to sufficient spay neuter reservations to get the job done county wide. I said I'd be a damn good County Cat Wrangler but I won't do it unless I'm paid.

Linn County's cat problem is long standing and part of it has been caused by Safehaven itself and their lack of belief/action in spay neuter. At least now, they're half on the bandwagon.

I still think it's lousy of Safehaven to discuss an option of me becoming their unpaid go to person, without even talking to me about it. And to suggest they should then get the cat grant funds. That's not nice at all.

What Safehaven wants to be able to do, is to refer everyone who needs assistance with spay neuter who calls them to me. And yes, there should be one number to call, no run arounds. But unless they pay me and provide me a vehicle, I can't do it.

To add insult, the Peko adoptor e-mailed just now, 8:30, was supposed to come tomorrow, isn't, found a cat at a shelter. Makes me want to cry.

But Brutus went to a home at least. He got a great home.

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