Friday, October 15, 2010

Two Kittens Fixed Today. Snowshoe Ditch Kitten Returns.

Two kittens, a brother and sister, from Scravel proper colony were fixed today. The little fuzzy gray is the boy while his sister is all black. The third sibling, black and white female, was fixed in the very first round. Their mom, Short Tail, a young long hair gray, was fixed this last Tuesday.

The woman who took the Snowshoe Siamese male church colony kitten returned him today. She is going on a trip for five days and her house and pet sitter couldn't make it down, so she brought him back for a week.

Male kitten, fixed today.
His siter, the black female kitten.
The boy again.
Church colony orange boy!
Church colony calico kitten. She has diarrhea, which may be change of diet and may be giardia since they were drinking nutria crap filled stagnant water.

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