Monday, October 18, 2010

The 17 Cats Fixed Last Week

Riverside Drive male "Skinny".
Another Riverside Drive male.
The third Riverside drive male.
Charlie, the 4th Riverside Drive male fixed last week.
Attic Cats Lebanon colony brown tabby tux teen female.
DLH gray female from Scravel Proper colony. Short Tail is her name.
DSH black female kitten, one of three kittens in Short Tails last litter.
DLH gray male kitten, also one of Short Tails.
Church colony DMH torti, mom of five kittens, three of them caught.
Century Drive gray and white male.
Century Drive blue male.
Century Drive DLH orange tabby and torbi.
Looney Lane black male.
Looney Lane Black female.
Geary street white female.
Clover Ridge feral brown tabby "Boots".

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