Thursday, September 09, 2010


I got an adoption interest call on Fantasia and Echo!!! I hope it works out. Cross your fingers! Sounds like a really nice family, too.

I am inflamed. My thumb joint, the one bitten through in three places years ago, is all swollen. I'm a mess physically right now. I am trying to do things slowly and methodically (the daily cleaning and laundry chores), drink plenty of water and do stretching exercises.

I got inflamed throughout my spinal cord and joints over the flea market, unloading and setting up and reloading and unloading all that stuff, the tables, the concrete blocks to hold down the canopy. I loved that day. I enjoyed talking to a lot of people and just kind of interacting with human beings. It was worth it. I won't be doing it again, however, unless I can work a system with not so much lifting and carrying heavy awkward objects alone.

And I need to stop typing, stay off this computer--not good on swollen fingers.

Pain makes me cranky.

UPDATE: Guess these adoptors got kittens elsewhere. They were going to e-mail, but haven't. Maybe they still will. But I bet they got kittens somewhere else.

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