Thursday, September 09, 2010

Cat Photos

Peko, apparently fully recovered from ringworm, in cat bed.
Zach adores kittens. They're so much fun. They cut loose without inhibition and he likes that.
Do cats like to hang out with cats of their own color? I think they do. Here, brown tabby Brutus has sought out brown tabby Teddy, to sleep with. Of course not long before that he was wildly chasing pale orange and white Peko, so, there goes that theory.

I have to move eventually. Last nights respite from neighbor trouble puts the moving agenda pleasantly at bay. People don't change, however, so the problems likely are just on hold.

I need to move anyhow. I'm getting older. I have no money. My car has too many miles on it. What situation do I want? I want to live within walking, biking or driving distance of an affordable grocery store. Winco is the only one I know of. When you live on a small amount of money, an affordable grocery store is a must. If not within walking distance, then I would look for a community with a Winco and a public transit system or bike path system.

That's the number one priority for me in moving: an affordable grocery store I can reach even when my car breaks down or if I am without one.

If my car breaks down here, where I live now, I am up a creek. I live miles from any grocery store and they are not affordable grocery stores (Fred Meyer, Safeway). A lot of people without cars here buy their "food" at the corner Circle K and you can imagine what kind of food they sell at what prices.

Second priorities: aesthetics. Somewhere with natural parks, a river, swimming, hiking, some sort of recreation that is affordable. There's none here, unless you walk city streets.

Third priority: active community life, like volunteer opportunities other than with church groups, or clubs (other than church clubs).

I know I am describing Corvallis. However, I will have difficulty on my income finding anywhere to live in Corvallis. I'll keep searching there. But, I know there must be other similar locales that meet at least the first priority.

When I have the time, I'll look up every town and city in Oregon with a Winco for starters and go from there.

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