Friday, September 10, 2010

Waste of Good Money

Click post title to go to a story about a teensy tiny building, not being built, being renovated, in Albany, a former train station baggage building, and the corresponding price tag. It's a stimulus fund thing and I believe, a scam on taxpayers, is all I can figure. The amount of money that has gone into improvements to a tiny building is unbelievable and so are claims by the contractor, like in this article, saying a teensy bit of landscaping is going to help silt not go into the Willamette, which is at least half mile away. I started laughing when I read that, like he thinks everyone who hears him say that is dumbshit. Behind the railroad tracks not far from there, there's a trashy weedy field that is going to filter a hell of a lot more rainwater run off from concrete Albany at no expense to taxpayers than a line of expensive little plants.

Somebody's smoking the happy weed and pocketing lots of money at taxpayer expense.

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