Friday, September 10, 2010

More Bad News

And the assholes have parked another of their excessive vehicles outside my window.

My car's transmission is acting up. I think it is slipping into neutral or something. If I press on the gas when going slow it sometimes revs like its in neutral but its not, before "taking". I don't know what that is about. That just started up.

I hope its nothing. I can always hope it stops doing it. That's about all I have left to do.

I've been trying to find lime sulphur dip, to bathe the kittens. None of the feed stores have it and none of the vets. I could order it online but it wouldn't get here for ten days to two weeks.

Now Fantasia has a spot of ringworm. Peko is cleared up but Machi has it. He was the kitten who was adopted out with Peko, and then both were returned when Peko got a spot of ringworm. Makes sense Machi would get it, too. I wish I could isolate them but there's been shifting in the house, so neither the bathroom nor spare bedroom doors latch anymore. Those would be the only two places I have to isolate them.

Lime sulphur dip is a very effective remedy for ringworm. You dip them twice weekly and leave it on. It's far more effective than miconizole shampoo, which is messy and tiresome, to bathe them every other day and leave the shampoo on ten minutes. It isn't very effective either. Be nice to get some lamisil tablets or iconizole tablets but that ain't going to happen since I am broke and have no local vet. I have one small bottle of Grisefulvin, with which I am treating Machi and Fantasia only, since I don't have enough for all of them.

I gave the rest of the internal med, griso...whatever, away to the grange people. They had a collector who lived near them and whom, they believe, is the person who dumped a mom and five kittens, in a box, a quarter mile from their house, in falling snow late last winter, early spring. They all had ringworm. I gave most of my ringworm stuff to them, to help them, because they felt overwhelmed.

I just ran into the grange woman at Kmart in Corvallis. She was mad, when I told her, that the woman returned the two boys because of a ringworm spot on one of them. See she had flown two of those dumped kittens, with ringworm, (don't ask, don't tell) down to her parents in CA, who wanted to adopt them. It was no big deal to her parents who just adore them. She understands what I'm going through with it, at least.

No matter what you use, takes about two months time to clear them. I guess I should let them all get it as quickly as possible so they can all get over it, instead of this one at a time thing going on. Peko brings it back, maybe Machi too, although he didn't show. Peko has it, then Machi shows, and now Fantasia. It's only a matter of time until all the kittens get it, one by one. I should try to fix the spare bedroom door, put em all in there, let them share it and get it over it and realize that's how it's going to be, regardless of gnashing of teeth over it.

They're kittens. They get things.

As for the car, I will check for tranny fluid leaks. It was a few months ago, I paid a mechanic to check over the car and to change the tranny fluid and filter since it had never been done. It should be ok, but you never know. It isn't acting right, that's for sure. Maybe it's something else, a vacuum leak, a hose pulled off or something, I don't know. I'm tired of fixing things.

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