Thursday, September 30, 2010

Ten More Cats Being Fixed Today

Ten More Cats are being fixed today. They include: the torti mom, at first thought to be feral, hosed down in carrier, with her four kittens after they pooped on themselves. Two teens from the 90 year old Lebanon woman's colony. She traps them herself! One female from Riverside Drive. More there needing fixed. Two more from the Scravel colony. One of those, a gray tabby female, pregnant again, is the abandoned house cat who has had litter after litter since, all of whom have formed this colony.

I also caught a torti teen at the offshoot of the Scravel colony, the second caught there. However, that was after I drove home after leaving the cats at the clinic, intent on sleeping. Yeah right.

In answers to comments after the last post, yes, I would love it if people got their cats fixed, or even lifted a finger in dealing with them not fixing their pets, like trapping resultant ferals. Any help. Most do absolutely fucking nothing to help and donate not a dime, or miniscule amounts. What in the world has become of personal responsiblity and honesty? And what about work ethic, has that too vanished? People have become so sucky wucky lazy and leechy. Oh, and add whiney.

I'm running on nothing, fumes only, but I still get what needs doing done.

Ok, old person comment here. When I was a kid and we wanted a kitten, we were told we could have one when we saved up enough money to get the kitten neutered. My folks didn't want a male cat spraying even the yard but god forbid, the neighbors yard. So we saved up. That doesn't happen now, not even with adults.

UPDATE: Of the ten cats fixed today, seven were males! I didn't stay up there, I cam back, to sleep, but sleep never happened, and I trapped three more at the Scravel colony.

They are caring for Mom of Colony and Black Beauty, the black male from there fixed today, after their fixed. The Riverside Dr. man came and got the black and white female he cares for, from there. And I still have the torti and her four boy kittnes, plus the Lebanon old woman boys, who will go home tomorrow. I may have a fosterer for the torti and her boys, but the Lebanon man claims a renter feeds her. Yet still, he says renters move in and out, and the torti has to find someone willing to feed her and she sure gets no real care, the way she was crawling in fleas. She'd be better off elsewhere, but it's up to the guy.

Unknown sex black medium hair young adult from the scravel colony, being fixed today.
Mom of the colony, pregnant again, abandoned by a neighbor unfixed, being fixed today.
Mom of colony again. The neighbor who abandoned her should be sued for all resulting costs. Every penny.
One of the Lebanon five soaker cats, hosed down in the carrier. They include three black kittens, one of them with medium hair, and one tabby on white male kitten, then the torti mom, who is beautiful.
Black soaker kitten, fixed today.
Both these two soaker kittens are males.
The gorgeous torti soaker mom.

The two teens caught by the 90 year old woman. Now that woman has a work ethic. She's incredible.

This female has had many litters out on Riverside Drive. A woman who adopted one of her kittens has been hounding him to contact me about getting her trapped and fixed. So it just happened.

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