Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Suffering Mother--The Hosed Down Torti Who Isn't Feral

I got her cleaned up. I wanted so badly to hit the sack. But she needed help. I wrapped her in a flannel sheet afterwards. I treated her with Revolution, then had to also spray her with Frontline, she has so many fleas. Likewise with her four kittens.

She began to purr. She has suffered so. Someone tossed her like trash. The couple who hosed her down thought she was feral and she was fouled in her own poop and urine from being in a small carrier too long. But she is not feral at all. Can you imagine what she has gone through?

My soft heart is crying. I want to find her a place where she will have peace, rest, fun and love for the rest of her days.

Please help me find her that quickly.

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