Saturday, October 02, 2010

Too Much Work; Too Little Sleep Catches Me Up

Lilac Pt. kitten who died today.
Torti kitten from the Church colony, sister of the Lilac Point, now relocating to the main Scravel colony with her brother, the Flame Pt.
Blue female kitten from Scravel Proper colony, spayed today.Flame Pt. kitten hiding in the brush before being trapped.
Flamepoint male kitten, from Church colony, now relocated to Scravel Proper colony, neutered today. With the four today, although the little girl died, 15 cats have been fixed this week alone from the two colonies, fed by the same people.
Last unfixed cat from the old woman's Lebanon colony, now fixed. This little blue male was one of five kittens, all now fixed, born to a Siamese mix mom, whom I got fixed mid summer.

Exhaustion hit me hard today. I did sleep a good share of yesterday, but not enough. I also trapped five more kittens. Three were from the offshoot of the Scravel colony, the church colony while a fourth came from the Scravel colony and the fifth was the last teen from the old woman's Lebanon colony.

I set a trap when I returned the other two, and caught him. Last cat there unfixed now fixed!

Unfortunately, the cute Lilac Point Siamese kitten from the chucrh colony died under anesthesia. They were able to revive her once, but she crashed again. Her brother, a little flamepoint, did just fine, as did her sister, a torti. Both are being relocated to the main Scravel colony, and just may end up house cats up there. They're not tiny kittens, probably close to four months old. The clinic said they were able to handle the Flame Pt. The colony feeder eyed him when I returned the three to her place and said she thinks her husband will want him as a house cat. He's already fallen for the little brown tabby Maine Coon looking male kitten I netted when I first arrived at the colony, who instantly tamed, so he's headed inside too, for a house cat life.

We are relocating the Church colony to their place, although they returned the big dominant male because it is difficult to relocate a big just neutered male into an existing colony. Better to wait a few months, until he has settled down after neuter. So they took him back for now. Wisely I think.

They're darn cute, those church kittens. Rest in peace, little Lilac girl. Makes me sad, makes me feel guilty about trapping her in the first place, but there was no choice and likely she had some defect that caused her crash. I can't help but question myself, however, and the guilt kicks in when I"m so tired. I'm taking a week off. I'm too worn out and inflamed.

I've got a long list of cats waiting, including the rest of both the Scravel colonies and that needs finished, but they have two of my traps and can try for the three main players left up at the main colony, two females and a male, all adults. There are a couple other infrequent roam in males, too, then about three more kittens, unless the pregnant brown tabby has another litter before caught. They usually don't survive, these last litters of the fall, however. There are at least four down at the Church colony, left to catch. We've made a good dent in the work, in one week, however.

I'm glad I got the five Lebanon cats fixed, the beautiful torti mom and her boys. I wish I had somewhere for them to go, but I don't. I'm glad I got the rest of the old woman's in this week, too, so she can rest easy for the winter. There are more on Riverside Drive, where that female fixed Thursday came from, her offspring, but that can wait a bit.

I had a bout of vertigo. I'd gone up to Poppa's presidents' place, after dropping the five kittens at the clinic, to help her take photos of her cats, in hopes of helping her find homes for them better, but then had a slight vertigo attack, which onsets usually if I overdo things and inflame my neck and facial nerves on the left. I cured it with an ice pack to the back of my head for 30 minutes.

I came home in the midst of game day traffic. I think there are football games at both OSU and U of O today. I really couldn't care less about football games. But I need to care enough to note when there are home games because of the traffic snarl ups and drunk drivers.

The five Lebanon cats, who have been in limbo in my bathroom since they were fixed, the torti flea alive mom and four boys who were hosed down while in the carriers, are going back tomorrow. I was unable to find anywhere for them and unable to take in more cats here.

New developments in the neighbor thing. A neighbor I've never met before comes to my door, wants me to "stand together" with other neighbors and sign a letter to the multiple vehicle up all night neighbors. I understood if I didn't sign, there were implications, that I wasn't "standing together". And yet, I hesitated, mainly because I thought it was surreal because these were neighbors who never introduced themselves. I'd never met her before, except to be told they didn't like cats. I finally signed.

She said the cops told them to send letters to the landlord, signed by all the other neighbors.

I guess they had to call the police at 4:30 a.m. that morning, due to four twenty somethings sitting out in a car doing something. And it had just been days before that the police came roaring in, three cars, for some reason, don't know what. Then I had the incident with the Cadilac and the guy yelling at me from the street again, late.

This woman who came to my door said one guy there told her he needed a place to stay when he got out of prison so he's been living there, along with whomever else lives there. Makes sense. Figured they were criminals or former criminals.

She was frustrated I could tell, fed up I could tell. I pointed out they were watching her go door to door and she said she didn't care, she wasn't going to let them scare her anymore.

They've had to put in security cameras, said they've had property damage. She said she felt sorry for me living alone here, with people like that so closeby. There are a lot of single people on the block now. I think neighbors should be able to sue landlords who rent to such people, inflicting them on a neighborhood.

And the next thing I see, after about an hour, was her shaking hands with one of the young men down there, standing around talking to them. I thought "Well that's kind of beautiful." Maybe that couple next to them will get some peace. Maybe those folks will realize what they're doing to everybody else and stop it. I have my doubts but one can always hope.

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