Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Photos of the Four Cats Fixed Today

Black female, mother of the six bottle babes, only four of whom were found, fixed today. I returned her tonight, in case the other two are still alive and out there. I fear they might still be in the attic, now closed off to the cats. I went up there in the dark, crawled around in the dirt up there, around the chimneys, on a board across the studs. I made mother cat calls and then would turn off my flashlight and listen. I heard something, I'm sure of it. Scrambling but no kitten call answer. Could have been a mouse, I know. I wanted to watch where she went when I released her. I wanted the daughter and the old woman to watch also. But the daughter never showed up and the old woman wouldn't get off the phone. So it was just me. And the black female disappeared into the shadows of the night. I couldn't track her quickly enough.
DLH brown tabby male, fixed today. He's just a teenager.
This black tux male is tame and vocal and the cat the husband was trying to shoot. Now he's fixed and likely safe from a bullet.
This big black male had severe earmites so bad he's scratched most of the skin off the back of one ear. I suckered out and paid to have them cleaned, but then they put him back under and did a more thorough cleaning and then even gave him a long term antibiotic shot and washed out his ears again with accurax and did a laser treatment on the area on the back of one ear that fell off when the tech merely touched it, infected underneath. He also got a cortisone shot. He's going to feel so much better. The clinic gave a huge break on the price of all that work, but I still shelled out every dime I had in my possession which was $57.
This sort of shows how bad his ears were. He's going to feel like a million bucks compartively.

I spent the day, after dropping off the cats, in the rest area, fast asleep. My car reeked of cat urine and poo. My clothes were dirty. And I had to sleep, which I did, for about three hours. I am totally zonkered out from all this.

I got up there late, after going clear to Lebanon to pick up the black male, caught in the night. I did not get home until after 9:30 p.m. and then spent an hour taking care of the 12 cats in traps from the colony. Took me a long time. I have no newspaper to reline the traps with and was working in a haze of exhaustion. Tomorrow, yay, all but the big black guy, with bad ears, get to go home and out of my garage.

I had two messages on my machine. One is a woman I don't know, who seems to know me, something about fixing cats. Another is from a man whose female cat I got fixed some time ago. She had five kittens too little to be done then. But now the man has broken his leg. He lives in a totally shabby tiny trailer over in Corvallis. I could not make out his message but it was something about the kittens.

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