Monday, September 20, 2010

10 Cats Fixed Today

UPDATE: I caught three more adults. Well, one was caught in a trap I left set, then I went to pick up him, and took my drop trap. I drop trapped the black female and one remaining teenager. The only one they know of left to catch is the Siamese female. So they're closing up the attic tomorrow and fixed a new place to feed them. I shouldn't say "Mission Accomplished" because that phrase always backfires. So I won't say it. There's still that female Siamese out there, somewhere......(she can still breed, could have seven or eight kittens hidden away in a last litter)

Four of the 8 kittens Poppa Incs' president took in. She had a fosterer lined up to take seven of the eight.
One of the gray tabby tux kittensMedium hair black tux teen, male I think, fixed today from Attic Cats.
Big Black male, from Attic cats, fixed today.
Lynx Pt. Siamese male, from Attic Cats, fixed today.

I took up ten cats to be fixed today. Also along for the ride: 8 kittens, ranging in age from bottle babe status to hissy 7 week old with bite wound abscess.

Yes, I drove. I was tired but I will not let a feral Lynx Pt. Siamese drive. No.

He probably wanted to. He was big, dominant, bossy and you know men, no matter the species, they want to control everything and drive. No way. Maybe when they get those opposible thumbs, I might consider it, especially when really worn out, but not until.

So nine of the cats fixed came from the Attic Cats colony. The tenth cat is the fifth adult fixed for that Albany family. They still have one adult female who needs spayed. She had kittens a few days ago. So they have one adult left to fix, and nine kittens there who will need fixed.

Of the nine adult attic cats fixed, four were girls and five were boys.

Of the 8 kittens, four were girls and four were boys. The granddaughter and her husband of the older couple adopted two of the girl bottle babes, which left two more girl bottle babes needing somewhere, and Possum, a gray tabby older male kitten, hissy spitty, and with a full fledged abscess from a bite wound on the back of his neck. It was beginning to drain last night. His siblings were killed by the couples own small dogs, they said. This bite was also likely inflicted by their dogs.

So I took up the two remaining bottle babes and Possum, the gray tabby kitten, plus five daughter and granddaughters and I netted and grabbed in that loft yesterday. Late, before leaving last night, we went back to that loft and the black tux kitten had made his way back up. I moved stuff and he darted again, but the girl on the stairs was quicker, and grabbed him.

There are still at least three adults left to catch over there, two of them females. But, catching most if not all the kittens and nine of the adults is a really good start.

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