Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Photos of the Attic Cats

The Kittens!

When I arrived, they already had four bottle babes, from the black mother, and Possum, a seven week old gray tabby male kitten, with a bite wound abscess on the back of his neck, in a large cage. Possum allegedly was one of three kittens from the Siamese mom. Allegedly, the other two were killed by the caretakers small dogs.

All four of the bottle babes were girls. The granddaughter took two of the four home. There had been six, but they could never find the other two again, after initially putting all six back up into the attic, since their eyes were not even open. What happened to them? Don't know. The mom might have moved them and still have them out there somewhere.

The other five kittens we netted in the shop. Four were tabby tuxes and one was a male black tux, cute as a button. All five tamed instantly.

Poppa's president took on the 8 kittens after I took them up, vaccinating and worming them first. There was the long hair black tux female bottle babe and short hair abbytabby female bottle babe. There were two gray tux girls, the black tux boy, the gray tabby boy, Possum, and two gray tabby tux boys. Want a kitten?

The Boys!

In all, 12 males were fixed from this colony. Three had been taken home by the grand daughter, who now also took in two of the female bottle babes.

The three teen males fixed through Poppa from the Attic cats taken in by the caretaker's granddaughter.
The black and white tame male, who would have been shot had he not been fixed.
Teen dark brown tabby tux male.
Adult dark brown tabby tux male.
Big black male.
Black tux teenage male.
Medium hair bad ears black male.
Lynx Pt. Siamese male.
Medium hair brown tabby teen male.

The Girls!

Five adult females were fixed from the Attic Cats colony. Two were abbytabbies, one an abbytabby tux adult, an abbytabby tux teenager and the black short hair female. Two were lacting, the adult abbytabby and the black. I never caught the Siamese female.Black female, mom of the bottle babes.
Abbytabby female who, when trapped, had a "top ramen collar" around her neck. She apparently had been rumaging in trash and got the packaging stuck around her neck.
Teenage abbytabby tux female.
Adult abbytabby tux female.
This is the abbytabby mother of the shop kittens. She could not get enough to eat! Once released this morning, she went howling for her kittens at the shop and was inconsolible over losing them. I gave her wet food and reasoned with her "They were going to be killed if I hadn't taken them."

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