Thursday, September 16, 2010

Photos of Cats Fixed Yesterday and Today

Three teen males, from Lebanon Attic Cats colony, being fixed today.
Attic cats males, being fixed today.
Albany teen torti, being spayed today.
Albany teen calico, being spayed today.
Lactating torbi, being spayed today. She has four or five six week old kittens. The family did not catch two of their cats, both females, one pregnant. The fourth of their cats being fixed today is a big male, huge male in fact, but he was so scared he was hiding under the blanket inside the huge carrier he was in. All I could have photographed would have been a huge lump.

Below are photos of the four Millersburg teens fixed yesterday. I returned them this morning.
Muted torti teen, spayed yesterday, from Millersburg.
Black male, one of two brothers, teens, with half length tails, fixed yesterday.
The muted torti again.
The other black male teen fixed yesterday.
Tawny tabby teen female, spayed yesterday, from Millersburg.

I got another call on Peko, but still feel I need to disclose his ringworm exposure, although he no longer shows signs of it at all. And, unfortunately, because of that, it was a no. Maybe I should not disclose, because he doesn't show any sign of it. I'm just afraid, so many people would just kill them if they saw a spot. It's a damned if you do, damned if you don't thing.

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