Thursday, September 16, 2010

Peko and Nemo Adoption Goes South

When I checked with the landlord of the student wanting to adopt the boys, the landlord said they have an absolutely no pet policy. I was shattered, because I'd even talked to the woman's mom, who is a cat rescuer in the bay area of CA, and her daughter sounds pretty wonderful. The young woman was horribly upset to find out the real pet policy there. She had not really checked and had lied on the application.

You do such things when young, but that is also how cats end up homeless or abandoned or dead, when you get a pet but your landlord says you can't have a pet and you are faced with getting rid of the pet or eviction. A young person does not want an eviction on their rental record. Her mother said she told her to be patient, that her lease is up in June and she can move to pet friendly housing.

I hope she does, sounds like a wonderful young woman.

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