Thursday, September 16, 2010

Bold New Kitten Adoption Plan

Here's the big bold plan, thought up only moments ago.

Jeanne in Baltimore, my friend, would like to adopt Peko. I'd love to have her adopt Peko. I told her to line up about six more homes in that area, and maybe I'll make the trip, by car, with all the kittens.

I'll stop in at Joys, in Helbrith NE on the way, and trap her newcomer kittens and mom, then drop them off at the Neuterscooter vet's place in Indiana, for her to fix, while I continue on to Balitomore with the kittens Jeanne will have, in the meantime, lined up great homes for there.

On the way back, I'll pick up Joys cats and return them, all fixed.

Doesn't that sound like a bold perfect plan of action, if Jeanne can find some homes there, to get homes for Oregon kittens, see Jeanne, solve Joys' stray problem in NE, and see the country?

Sure there are obstacles, like my car's current slight oil leak, no money, etc, but maybe these things can be overcome. I must hurry if I am to implement, before the snows hit the mountains and driving becomes hazardous.

Get to it, Jeanne, with the home finding. I'll to inform Joy and the Neuterscooter. the lottery for gas money.

Google maps says it is 2,877 miles and will take, if driving straight, 1 day and 23 hours. The route cuts right through Nebraska, almost right by Joys' place and right through Indiana, near the Neuterscooter vets place. Is this like fate talking?

I am very hard core, but, getting old, and I can't drive 48 hours straight. Hurts my back, too. But, I could make it, I know I could, sleeping in rest areas or truck stops or Walmart parking lots of I had to, amongst the kittens. But could my car make it? And could I raise the gas money quickly for such an adventure?

And what if my car blows something bad way out in the middle of nowhere land? Hmmmmm. Load a tiny moped on the back?

A few obvious flaws in my plan. I have no money. One way, it's close to 3000 miles. At 30 mpg, that's 100 gallons one way. Here in Oregon, gas is close to $3 a gallon. That's $300 in gas one way. And I don't really have a penny to my name right now.

So, there are obstacles. That's a lot of cans to pick up. I once made $200 picking up cans at football home games. Lots of drunks tailgate at footballs games. Rich drunks who litter when drunk. There's a home game this Saturday. I wonder how much Baltimore gas money I could stuff in can form into my Scion in one day. There is now lots of competition for those cans and you have to take lectures off the drunks, to boot. That isn't easy to do: taking lectures from rich drunks who pay $5000 a year just for a parking place near the stadium for home game tailgating. I can't even fathom that kind of money. But if it allowed me to find six or seven kittens homes, I'll try it.

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