Wednesday, September 22, 2010


I got too tired out doing the Attic Cat colony. Too much driving up there, then to the clinic, out late trying to trap, then also caring for all the ones who'd been fixed, still in traps, but in my garage, to make it easier to catch the ones left. Also, trying to keep up caring for the hordes here, too.

Too much on me. Carrying and lifting so much, when tired, left me in severe lightning pain today. It's from my neck but exhibits like a headache, a severe horrible headache. My shoulders hurt too and my right knee, the usual suspects.

But the neck and head pain have been severe. I don't want to turn my head or hear sounds. I unplugged my phone.

I had to do all the piled up dirty cage cover laundry, clean and put away the traps, clean the garage, from where I'd held the cats in traps, and transfer the big black male with the bad ears to a rabbit hutch, in the garage.

I did not have my good holding cages because those neighbors borrowed them when they moved and haven't returned them. I have left two messages at their Corvallis place of business asking that they return them. No answer.

So, despite the pain and exhaustion, I still had to do a lot of work today, clean up work, from that trapping. I'm going to bed now, the pain still blistering my world.

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