Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Four Millersburg Cats Fixed Today. Seven Ready to Go for Tomorrow

I took in the four Millersburg teens today. Two girls and two boys.

Instead of returning, I did my grocery shopping up there, went for a walk in the park for exercise, then dozed in my car for two hours. It was very humid, and with the window switch not working, I woke up, in the closed up car, sweaty and thirsty. One leg was numb from my knee being propped against the steering wheel. But it was a good sleep.

I'll return the teens tomorrow.

In the meantime, an Albany family, only one of whom speaks English, a daughter, called about cats they have and love but want no more kittens. They couldn't find two of them, one of whom is pregnant, but I am taking in the other four adults, one of whom has four or five kittens who are about six weeks old.

I also contacted the attic cats woman. She is the daughter of the couple in rural Lebanon with cats in their attic. They brought over three boys to start, that the granddaughter of the attic cat couple had taken from there (the attic) to her place.

It should be interesting crawling up into an attic to trap adult feral cats and get them all out of there, so the attic can be boarded over and all the cats fixed. I'm up for it.

I want to get it done immediately as it has so stressed out the old woman she nearly ended up hospitalized yesterday or the day before. The daughter, and now the granddaughter are helping.

Peko and Nemo are probably leaving together for a home tomorrow. I'm really excited, to find one home for both, but will miss them. I am nervous about adopting them to the woman. It's a Eugene student and I usually do not adopt to students as their lives are severely in transition, for years, going here and there, during school breaks, not good for kittens. So I am torn over it. I've adopted to a few students who were great. But then again, in Corvallis, so many kittens and cats get abandoned or otherwise are lost or lose their lives, because of young people mistakes or just being chucked when the student leaves.

I had a dog when I was a student. It ended up with the parents.

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