Sunday, September 26, 2010

One Desperate Kitten Caught. Me Upset All for Naught

I get an e-mail, then a call, from an Albany apartment complex manager, stating two kittens were dropped off there, and could I help catch them. She said she'd donate if I helped and deal with the kittens herself. I hear such promises with skepticism, cynicism.

I went over, found one fuzzy gray male kitten, about four months old, behind the complex and quickly coaxed him close enough to net. The tenant who pointed this poor little sad guy out, who just cries back there, like his world has ended, said she hasn't seen the other one for awhile.

I can't bring him inside even, due to the threat of him picking up ringworm, so he's in my car in a carrier, waiting for that manager to follow through on her promise.

Update: She did call and is coming to get him. He's so worried and I try to reassure him and I don't know, really, what the manager has planned for him. She seems real nice.

Update of Update: The scared little guy is gone. Manager picked him up. What a really nice woman. I am happy to have met her because we got along instantly and maybe I've met a future friend. Anyhow, the little gray guy was right up front at the carrier door talking to both of us, very loudly. He's a sweetheart for sure.

I just got back home from delivering the kitten to the manager and three or so cop cars drive down to the end of the cul de sac. I don't know why they were there, but I bet someone called them anonymously over the cul de sac parking. Those neighbors again have made it their private parking lot. I don't care because they're not roaring in and out parking in front of my place. But after the cops left they yell down at me. I know they think I called the cops.

I didn't, assholes. You know what, people should not rent a place that will not accomodate their shit, including massive numbers of cars. They then try to inflict their excess on others and that is wrong. Very wrong.

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