Monday, September 27, 2010

I returned the bad ear big male, to the Attic Cats colony today. He was fully healed and eating everything I gave him and then some. He's also tearing things up in the rabbit hutch at night, wanting out. He's a good boy, and, as I loaded him into my car, in a carrier, his breathing became raspy, from nervousness. Poor guy. Even the big tough guys, when they are powerless for their fate, are very frightened. I felt bad for him and spoke soft reassuring words. Once back, I opened the carrier door and he ran into the bushes. The old woman caretaker had positioned herself to watch for cars, just in case he decided to bolt across the road.

She's resigned now to feeding the fixed cats. The found another way up into the eaves, back into their attic haven. They're just going to let them sleep up there. 8 of the 13 were males and some of those were roam ins. They won't spray marking anymore, so it is not a big deal. They will work on catching that last cat, the Siamese female. I have come to like their entire family.

Tomorrow I must get to work on the next big project, another colony. I have two possible homes now, for kittens. One is the long patient people who want Machi and are waiting for the all clear on his ringworm, which is probably now, but I want to make sure.

I am fortunate the outbreak quickly disappeared and did not spread. Fantasia got one spot but just as quickly, grew her hair back as the spot vanished almost overnight.

The apartment manager still has the gray male kitten. Safehaven can't take him. She is hoping her husband might allow her to keep him. That would be so nice. They just love him. He's a polite quiet loving kitten and very grateful. I told her I'd sure be happy to get him fixed and very quickly, if that would help seal the deal at all. I really like her. I bet I'll like her hubby too.

Well anyhow, to bed I go, to prepare for a big day, solving another big situation, then also picking up three Corvallis tame cats to be fixed.

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