Sunday, September 26, 2010

Lack of Tolerance Affects My Night

I have no tolerance for caffeine. I plan it that. Cost and cafeine effective. I have one cup of coffee in the mornng. I always get a zing that way from it. If I drink two cups, before long, I have to have two cups to get the wake up. Today, I drank two cups hours apart. And so, I've been up most of the night. I have no one to blame but myself.

I've been bored. I played Plants versus Zombies video game most of the night. Sure, it's boring after awhile. But i like it. It's no worse than watching TV.

I like number games, too. I have taken up sukuko or whatever it's called. I have it on my tracfone and I have some puzzle books. I really like doing those puzzles. I don't mind crosswords, but I like number puzzles better. I can picture numbers in my mind and move them around in my mind better than I can letters. "Making numbers swim" is what I call it.

But, for kicks lately, I sometimes read words backwards. I don't know why. There's no purpose, just killing time. Also, for kicks, I sometimes write words from right to left.

I've got another big colony to get going on. First, I have to return the black male to the Attic Cats Colony. I've not heard from them again. I thought I would. They were gone when I returned all the cats, to church, on a Wednesday morning, and I never heard from them again, which seems strange.

This colony is out off Scravel Hill, another one out there. Plus, there's a Corvallis kitten and two adults in need of fixing, too. And I still have to catch the old Lebanon woman's three remaining teens. She called again.

And, I've got repairs to do here, on the house and on the car, which is still leaking a bit of oil, even though I got a new pan plug and plug gasket. I think unfortunately it might be the pan gasket leaking.

I was supposed to go up to Portland to Poppa's president's husbands band anniversary party. He's been in a rock band for ten years, a hobby band, but they're good. I wanted to go, but there was a wreck on I5 north, causing massive congestion and closure of I5 North. There was a fatality, some young women, which is so sad. Guess she was headed south and was changing lanes, to the middle, while someone else was also changing to the middle lane at the exact same time, from the other lane, and she over-corrected, when she saw the other car, ending up in the northbound lanes. She hit an SUV there, but that driver was not seriously hurt. The young woman was killed.

So I didn't go up. I did clean out my car thoroughly. Won't last.

So the Albany apartment complex, where I got two females, two kittens and three males fixed, plus another female fixed owned by a neighbor, has had two more kittens show up. I think they're from the same litter as the two black boys but nobody knows. Then they also had a tame female get abandoned pregnant and promptly had kittens, but another neighbor confined her to their garage, at least, and is caring for them for now. That was five days ago.

Bad neighborhood. I told the woman caring for the cats I'd trap the kittens for fixing as soon as I could. Not easy there, with owned cats galore out roaming, then a few strays, too. Makes it tough to trap a couple of kittens, rarely seen.

I think those are the only situations right now on the docket to clean up. The one off Scravel Hill sounds pretty major. She's lost her job, so there's no money now for her to donate, she says.

I never finished the rural trailer colony. I got nine fixed then I got fed up. She, nor her mother nor her family donated even a dime and the family does have money. I asked her to ask her family to donate something at least, but then never heard a thing back. She'd made this claim that she and her sister would do a fundraiser for Poppa Inc. Well, that never happened. People always make promises but then don't follow through. I don't have respect for people who do that.

But her health isn't good. She might have gotten sick or worse. She doesn't take care of herself.

Last I was out there, she had two more kittens from her mothers. I'd gone inside to see them. There was a dead mouse flattened on the trailer floor and junk everywhere. Kind of sickening.

Some people live like that and act like its normal to live like that. I never know what to say. So I usually don't say anything. It's her life. If she wants to clean, good, and if she doesn't, she doesn't, but I'm not going inside there.

People think country folk are hard working but that isn't the case a lot of the time. Some of them are very very lazy just like city people. They're no different either way. And lots of them are very irrpesponsible just like city people. They always talk about country people having more values in Oregon. I don't know why. It isn't true at all. I think it's some fantasy world some people live in, trying to make things "the way they were" whatever that means. I think it's silly. They talk about rolling the clock back to the 50's or even to older days, like the world was better then. It wasn't. They should brush up on some history.

Well, the second cup is finally wearing off and I"m headed off to bed. This week I plan on doing that Scravel colony and catching those last three cats in the Lebanon old lady colony and that will be about it, because I'm inflamed again, hands all swollen and neck a mess, probably never quite got over overdoing it on the Attic Cats Colony.

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