Saturday, September 25, 2010

Beautiful Art, Bad Food at Corvallis Fall Festival

After returning the four Corvallis kittens fixed yesterday, I stopped by the Corvallis Fall Festival.

The booths are filled with the most beautiful and creative art imaginable. But, the price tags are fit for Bill Gates types, people with pockets full of spare money, not for the likes of me. However, those artists are so talented I hope they sell lots of their works because they deserve to make money off their beautiful creations. If I had money, I'd fill my walls and yard with their beauty. But...I don't have money.

I hadn't eaten, not even breakfast. I cruised the food booths looking for something edible and economical. I chose wrong. I got a grilled in the husk corn on the cob and walked away with it, only to find it not even close to being cooked through. Raw corn. Yuk. It was also bland as bland can be. I returned it and was given another. A part of it was charred and done, but beneath the husk, the corn was not even partially cooked. I chucked it.

How about cooking the corn through and maybe zesting it up with some seasoning?

I wandered on. And finally found myself in the basement of a church at their food servings. They had advertised sandwiches, soup, pie for reasonable rates. I went down and got a sandwich for $3.00. It was egg salad and again, as bland as you could imagine, and mostly mayo.

Sitting at a table to eat this mush, I unfortunately watched the kitchen workers who were preparing the food, mostly older women, stuffing food into their mouths, as they worked, and going right back to preparing food with same ungloved unwashed hands and it was gross, ok?

The food there was made for people who have no taste buds or whose taste buds are long long dead.

I only hope the money went to some good cause because otherwise eating such tasteless fare and paying for it would make me want to vomit it up right away, instead of a few minutes later down the street and give myself a good face slapping for being so stupid.

I think there should be taste standards and ratings at food booths. A rating of 1, would mean "food undercooked and tasteless to boot", for instance. A rating of .5 would say "Throw your money away here". Something like that.

I got away, although it took time due to a huge down town traffic jam, without flushing more money down the toilet.

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