Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Long Long List of Cats

I have a long list of cats needing fixed.

There is the Scravel Hill colony of 12 to 16, maybe more.

There is the old woman in Lebanon, with three more teens needing caught and fixed.

There is the Siamese female left to catch and fix at the Attic Cats colony.

There are two adults and five kittens waiting on Riverside Drive.

There is a feral female with five kittens at another Lebanon location.

There are two kittens in down town Albany waiting.

There is one adult female and nine kittens at that other Albany household.

The list is long long long.

Money for Poppa Inc. is dwindling. I can't get anybody to donate, despite promises. Oh boy.

Please consider donating to Poppa Inc. Thank you. Click the post title to go to Poppa's website.

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