Tuesday, September 14, 2010

4th Teen Caught

I caught the 4th teen out there in Millersburg. The woman feeding is paying the full cost of their fixes which is very wonderful and unusual.

Also got a call about someone feeding maybe ten or twelve cats in Albany. Fortunately, there is grant money still left. The adults don't speak English. Someone was translating. They seem to love those cats. So, I'll try to get to work on that.

Also, that trailer park off highway 22, Marian County, those people called again. Got ten or twelve fixed there a few months back. More cats had kittens including the cat they never caught, never even tried to catch. I'd e-mailed over and over encouraging them to do so. Didn't happen. The woman e-mailed a few days ago again, wanting me to take two more litters of kittens from two mothers and get the rest fixed. I told her I could not take any kittens but would help get the rest fixed if she located where all the rest of the unfixed cats hang out. I did not hear back from her after that.

Poppa has e-mailed about a Lebanon situation. A board member is going to call the woman who contacted them about cats living in an attic. She will explain I can help if they help with my gas for transport and do not ask me to take any of the cats on. I've been keeping a very low profile because of that very thing, that most of these situations, once out of hand, when people finally get the picture about fixing them or see that its now a problem, want me to take the cats and I can't do that.

Peko, Nemo and Starry's sibling is still alive, according to the horse woman up there. She's my reliable source of info and very nice. She's so busy though. I can't see how she even has time to sleep with her schedule. So it's tough to arrange the final trapping up there, of that final orange kitten. The Siamese I got fixed, who was lactating, might have one survivor in her litter too. If not fixed, the colony could populate again. Other than that, I think the rest are now all fixed.

I wish I had the gall to finish that Lebanon trailer park. Wish I did but I get bunched up tense to think about it. Wish I could find someone to hand it off to. Wish.

The old Lebanon woman still has three teens needing caught. She's nice, but always the religion pushing. I know. She can't help herself but it makes me shy away from finishing that, the recruiter, I call her.

There was a sad thing I ran into today, was told happened. There'd been posts on craigslist a couple weeks back from some woman, about cats congregating on this street not that far from the cop shop. I finally stopped by to just take a look, because the woman initially e=mailed me back, but then stopped just as suddenly.

I saw a trailer door open and hollered inside "Hello? Anybody home?" A short middle aged woman peeked around a corner inside and said "Come in" without even knowing who I was. I told her about seeing the posts. She was talking to someone on her cell, while talking to me, so that was hard to navigate.

She took my card. She told me the people in the end apartment left and a week ago, they discovered five or six dead cats who had been locked inside when the tenants left. She said it was horrible. I wanted to gag to hear of it. I asked if the police were going to charge the people and she said she thought they were going to. I said I'd not seen a thing about it in the paper and she said maybe it was too terrible to put in the paper.

I told her the name of the woman who had posted about cats on this street, whom I then exchanged e-mails with about the cats, on craigslist but she did not recognize the name.

I know this goes on all the time, but it still isn't a thing you want to hear about. I got a lot of cats fixed at that complex a year and a half ago. But not at that apartment. There is high turnover there. The woman said, as I left, "Too many druggees. Just too many druggees." She was fingering my card, said she'd be in touch.

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