Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Cattyhop and More Millersburg Cats

Cattyhop, still in my bathroom.
Big shit. She's finally starting to poop. I didn't dissect it. Yukko! It's rather large for a five pound cat, in diameter, but, as the vet thought might be the case, she swallowed something, which is wrapped around some of the feces hunks, string or something. I'm giving her warm oil, warm catlax, lots of fluids and finally, getting results. It's all kind of yukky, but, if you've ever been super constipated, you know the misery she's going through.
Some Millersburg people, feeding strays at a business, contacted me about getting the four teens fixed. They're paying for it. Have caught three of the four. The one left, wouldn't you know, is a dilute torti, the girl! The mom has disappeared, but often disappears, has had other litters, and they think it's a Bengal. Coincidentally, I heard that a Bengal breeder in Millersburg somewhere, moved and left some of the cats. Don't you just love these breeder people?

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