Monday, September 13, 2010

Mega Colon

I took Cattyhop to the vet, fearing she might be in kidney failure. The vet said her kidneys felt hard and small, usually a sign of chronic kidney failure. But also, she had large diameter stool in her belly and I told the vet she had passed a stool the diameter of which you might confuse with that from a large dog.

The vet suspects mega colon, usually onset is idiopathic, cause unknown. Some causes: chronic inflammation, like, in one case I read about, with humans in S. America, mega colon is caused by some intestinal bug transmitted by an insect bite. I wonder about her original inflammation, when she came to me, with the squirting diarrhea, if that damaged her colon.

Anyhow, hydration and keeping her stools soft is the usual treatment and if that keeps her pooping, good and if not, well, there can be dire consequences. Sometimes neurological problems cause this condition, too affecting peristalsis.

Her kidney test came back stellar, everything normal. So, am hydrating her and softening her stools and hope she does ok.

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