Friday, August 20, 2010

Wake Up

I was just about to sleep, on my couch of course, and the phone rings. I'd checked on the big boys fixed today one last time. And the phone rings, after 11:30. Who in the world? I always think it's an emergency of some kind and my heart starts to pound.

Not. Some asshole, doesn't say anything, just blast indistinguishable rap. I can't hang up and have it stop, for some reason. I had to actually disconnect the phone at the outlet. I think that means whomever called is real close by, not sure though. So the number was an Albany cell. I call it. Guy's name is Dion Brietmeier, whoever that is. No answer though. I leave a message asking why he is harrassing me so late at night when I don't even know him. I ask "Are you drunk and bored?" Well anyhow.

I don't know anyone by that name.

Probably some drunk bored guy with an emphasis on drunk. No clue.

Well, at least with the two big males I think the apartment complex strays are done. I'm happy about that. One woman there wants to try to help find the kittens here homes. She's really smart. Researches everything. I'm going to give her some fliers to put up, if she can find places to post them. You never know.

After that darn phone call, I couldn't get back to sleep. I'm sure it's somebody playing games, but then I start to think it's a psychopath. There are lots of those too nowadays. Lots of people enjoy harming other people any way they can even if its calling them for sport to harrass them late at night. Well, it was probably just drunk young people.

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