Friday, August 20, 2010

Peko and Machi back. Two Big Males Fixed.

I had barely raced home from the Wilsonville clinic with the big apartment complex males caught last night, the last two thankfully, there, when the people arrived with the returning kittens. I'm sorry I can't see any ringworm. She said "Well put him in the sun, you'll see the light redness over one eye." Maybe it's my bad eyes.

They both have slight colds. She took them right to the vet when she got them, who vaccinated them with rabies vaccine. I would never do this. Kittens in a new situation need time to adjust. Stress depresses the immune system. Adding in a powerful vaccine, like rabies, really reduces the immune system. So then they both caught colds.

Anyhow, they're back, in the bathroom while I try to figure out if Peko really has ringworm or not. Peko has one little spot above one eye, not really broken out yet, but definitely a spot under his chin. Not the usual place I'd first see ringworm. Wonder if its one of the different species.

I've decided to publicly close down the cat rescue. I'm too far in debt, have too many cats here, and I can't find homes for them. Will keep trying but being able to say I'm shut down now might help people stop asking me to take more on. I'll try to work harder at finding homes for those here.

I bathed both Peko and Machi in miconizole shampoo, let it sit on them for ten minutes, then rinsed and blow dried. They absolutely LOVED being blow dried and rolled around for me to blow the warm air all over them. They're so funny and have grown so much since I saw them last. So Machi has ringworm starting on his feet. That I couldn't see until he was soaking wet, then I could see red spots through the white fur on his feet. Very early stage ringworm. Maybe i can stop it quickly, but it will probably end up on all the kittens. Oh my gosh, a rescuers worst nightmare, to happen in the fall, when kitten season is winding down. They'll be too big for anyone to want a month from now. Terrible thing.

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