Friday, August 27, 2010

Too Much Fun?

I might be sinning. I am having too much fun lately! In one week's time, I floated an Oregon river on an inner tube (hey, it's free, why not?), and tonight, danced crazily to night glow over at the Art and Air Festival. They had a Blues musician playing while some hot air balloons periodically filled with light for a few seconds. Very pretty!

It was over by 9:30, so I will get another good nights sleep!!!!

I did all my chores all day long so having a little fun for a couple hours tonight, entry is free to the Arts and Air Festival, was GREAT!!!!

I love fun.

Tomorrow or Sunday, I might hit another free mid valley event, in Corvallis no less, very close by. The Fall Festival!

I know the Eugene celebration is excellent and fun, also going on this weekend, but it's too far away and too hard to find parking down there and costs too much.

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