Thursday, August 26, 2010

Oregon Cat Trappers, Fixers, Small Time Rescues on Strike!!!

(Madam Grizzle, this also is for you, and for all the other little people, with almost no money, taking on the gigantic task of solving feline overpopulation, largely without the help of any of the recognized shelters in our state, and certainly with no help from the huge humane organizations who pummel old ladies with tear jerker junk mail and the airways to get more donations to feed their huge salaries. Please feel free to e-mail other demands!)

We're going out on strike!

Our demands:

That the populace of Oregon exhibit responsible and kind behavior.

That talking head groups who claim Oregon is advanced because of its anti abandonment and cruelty laws actually track how often those laws are enforced/prosecuted before touting them.

That breeders be exiled to an island. We don't care which one or if it lies in the path of hurricane season.

That people who get cats or feed strays fix them and if they don't, if they request help, that they are polite, helpful, on time, grateful and donate something to those helping them.

That we are provided cars that work and gas to run back and forth, here and there, to round up cats from irresponsible Oregon populace.

That people whom we've helped with cat fixing for nothing who then get more cats and don't fix them either, be spayed and neutered themselves immediately, along with their offspring.

That people who offer helpful suggestions about what a lone cat trapper or small time rescue should do, but refuse involvement, have their computers confiscated and be banned from the broadband world.

That shelter directors, whose shelters receive copious public donations by turning the shelters' back to the overpopulation problem and taking in only the really cute kittens and puppies, sometimes from out of state, be quartered and the difference given to us, the people making a difference for nothing.

That we all be immediately sent on fun fancy lazy sun laden beachy all expense paid lengthy vacations.

We may add to the list.

Haven't fixed your cat yet? Don't whine to me. Put down your cigarette. Turn in that mountainous pile of Bud Lite cans under your trailer porch, skip church tonight, and get it done.

Anyhow, the above was for fun and prompted by Madam Grizzle's comment on the post before this one.

Yesterday, while the phone rang off the hook, with requests to take cats in, not get them fixed, coming from as far away as Canby, dazed, confused, and so stressed I was literally turning around in circles, I finally ran out the door. Ran!

I drove down to Roseburg and floated, late in the day, the S. Umpqua. I got tube rash on my arms, on my inner elbows, and did not get back until about midnight, slept in after then not getting to sleep until nearly 3:00 a.m. (still had to take care of all the cats here), got up, drank coffee, wrote above post, am going back to bed). See ya!

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