Monday, August 23, 2010

Told Off!

In trying to tie up loose ends, I decided to call the people with kittens after I'd fixed the moms. Teh Lebanon woman who feeds strays and pushes religion has five kittens, feral, with the last mom cat there I got fixed. However, it isn't easy to get cats there, due to there being lots and all of them fixed, supposedly.

The old womans relatives upon whose property she lives, could help, but refuse. The neighbor who plays with the cats could help but refuses.

So I went up and tried to drop trap them and caught only two. I left a trap set and went to the trailer park, where one tenant, the outspoken Christian one, was supposed to have put an outside fed female into a carrier of mine she had for the last month, but somehow just doesn't get around to it. She also has an unfixed inside female.

There is one more orange tabby semi feral, and the man with the trap is too lazy to help trap her. Then there is one more kitten from the now fixed tabby mom out living under a trailer, and one of her kittens taken in by a tenant.

So I was just there to pick up the carrier but the woman was not home. Carrier was on her porch. I got it. Then the man who could trap with his trap but doesn't, and has like ten million excuses prelined up every time, as to why he doesn't, came running up to say a tenant is getting a kitten right then from his mother, who has unfixed cats, big surprise there.

And could I take it to be fixed. I said ok. Then he said he'd find the woman with the other kitten and finally did and she came over, wanting the kitten fixed, but with attitude. And tonight was not the night to hit me with attitude.

She wanted to know why I don't just have the strays killed. I said "I will tell you why. I'm a volunteer. I love cats. I've been sacrificing to help you people fix all your cats, 32 so far. I volunteer to help the cats, not to kill cats for your convenience." She repeated the same question, only in nastier tone, and I repeated my answer, in nastier tone, then told her to get away from my car, that I'm a volunteer, and I said it with force and pride because I knew I was at the end.

She refused to move and started in again about why don't I kill the cats instead. I pointed away from my car and said "Go!" But she wouldn't. I got into my car, rolled up my windows, also on the other tenant running up afraid their free fix job might be rolling out of the park, which in fact was exactly the truth, and drove off.

Later, I pulled off along the road, and called the trailer park owner and told her "I'm done. I fixed over 32 cats at your park and removed 8. You donated $200 and thank you for that, but that paid to fix only four of those cats."

"I am a volunteer. Your tenants made it very hard to fix the cats there."

I told her what had just transpired and other things that had transpired on previous visits, suggested she call Spay Inc. in Brownsville because I think they have access to county cat grant funds, then said "Kindness is a virtue and should be encouraged, not condemned and ridiculed. Same with personal responsibility. I'm done. Goodbye."

I went back to the old woman's place then, to check that trap and found some guy who boards horses right there, twenty feet from the trap, his car, with barking dogs, also near the set trap. I knew then I would catch no more kittens.

He smiled and said, "Are you the cat lady?"

I replied, "No. Not anymore."

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