Monday, August 23, 2010

Just Another Reason

I am trying to tie up loose ends before I quit this completely. So I call a rural woman whose females I took in a month or more ago and yes she has five kittens needing fixed.

But she finally tells me her landlord, the farmer, is paying someone else to get all the cats fixed on his land. I know who it is.

And, a worker at the farmers' warehouse, called, wanting me to trap more at a house where I finally got 8 more fixed last year, and ten the year before, after finally getting permission from same farmer, she told me this other woman had been out there trapping.

So I called the other woman, to ask if she was getting the rest fixed there. I had to leave a message. She left a message later on, said it was too far for her to drive and asked if I could go catch the last ones. She didn't tell me she's getting paid and sure didn't mention paying me to do work she was being paid to do. I did not return the call.

To find out she is getting paid, if it's true, but still tried to get me to do the work, that riles me. That is slimy, man! I also wonder if she is getting htem fixed through the county cat grant and then also charging the farmer for the spays/neuters. I don't know she's doing that, I just wonder.

I'm not bemoaning she's getting paid to trap and round up the cats. We should all be paid. I'm bemoaning her allegedly getting paid and trying to slime me into doing the work and that I got cats fixed out there on that guys land and he never offered a dime. I got told not to ask him, by a nonprofit, on scene, because he donated to them, then his renters cats overflowed onto their property. Stupidly, I did as asked, to adher to wishes, to smooth things out. There's nobody smoothing things for me.

My stupidity, my niceness, my helpfulness, my silent lips, all these things are falling away. I'm going to become a bitch. I've needed to become a bitch for a long long time. There are way too many assholes out there who need told exactly what they are. Maybe that will become my new volunteer effort: telling off assholes. My first call will be to the woman trapper.

I feel like an idiot, being taken advantage of left and right. At least, I did not fall into the other trappers' trap. I didn't take her bait and go trap for her while she got the farmers money. The only solution is to just say no and to get the hell out. I'm way soft hearted when it comes to animals and people are dishonest and leechy.

I love cats. I love helping them. I don't regret helping any of the cats I've helped. I try to forget these people I run into that are like bad dreams. But, I don't like bad dreams. I want some peace, some joy, some nights under the stars without druggees and partiers everywhere. I want some peace away from the rat race, with the animals. I want some peace.

This information, from the woman with the kittens, is just another brick in the wall.

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