Thursday, August 05, 2010

Ten Mile Hike!

I got to go on a hike today, in the Jefferson Wilderness area. A ten mile hike, no less, and five of those miles were climbing up, to, eventually, the top of Grizzley Peak. On the way, we stopped at Pamelia Lake and I took a swim. Then we decided to go for the top, even though I haven't exercised for quite a long time. I made it. Coming down might have been worse, and hurt my knee more. We got back to the trailhead just as dusk was settling in. Boy, I'm really tired. It was so gorgeous.

Almost to the top of Grizzley Peak. Mt. Jefferson is across the way, peak shrouded in clouds.
My hiking partner and I at the top. Some Chicagoans took the photo.
At the top of Grizzley Peak.
Mt. Jefferson.

Well, besides my bad knee taking a beating on the trip down, my shoes didn't fit in the first place, and somehow crunched one toe so badly the toenail turned blue and probably is going to fall off. I did my best, despite lacking even shoes that fit, and had a great time.

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