Friday, August 06, 2010

Going Nuts

Already the calls today are driving me nuts. Everyone that calls or e-mails wants me to take the cats. There's a family on Main street, said a mother and kittens came to their door last night and they want me to take them. They're tame. I said I can't, try Safehaven. I offered to get them fixed, but told her I can't in more cats. But they just want them gone.

The mayor herself asked me to help a woman in Albany. Two tame flea ridden kittens showed up at her back door. The mayor asked if I can take them but I can't. I can only get them fixed. UPDATE: I went over and flea treated the orange tabby male. He's no kitten, probably six or seven months old, super friendly and already neutered. I cleaned out his ears and wormed him, too. I didn't see the other one, but she will call me when the other one shows up. I also provided her a bag of cat food so she can feed them until some placement somewhere can be found. She's going to try Safehaven. It's a super nice cat, and that woman is really nice.

UPDATE: She said Safehaven won't take them. They told her to take them to the Humane Society in Salem, which is a very high kill shelter. Don't worry. She's not going to do that. Used to be, Linn County took their unwanteds to be killed over at Heartland. Then Heartland got wise and cut off Linn County's freeloading off Benton County. Now, looks like Marian County is the next target.

I signed off on the bengal man. I can't take all his kittens or place his adults. I can't. I can help him get the rest fixed, but he's not wanting that I don't think, because he will not make arrangements for that to happen. It causes me indigestion and sleeplessness and anxious worry, all these situations I can do nothing about. These are just a few.

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