Wednesday, August 04, 2010

One Cat Fixed Today

I took up one more feral torti from the Lebanon trailer park today to be fixed. She'll return home tomorrow. She's not happy.

Her mother is still there, needing fixed. The woman was supposed to trap her before I went up last night, but didn't. The people on the other side were supposed to trap the orange female or the remaining kitten, but didn't. When I arrived, they were all outside, and one of the always mad guys said, "What's that bitch doing here again?" I just picked up the trap and didn't say a word.

He's mad probably because he feels caught in a trap himself. Just guessing.

I think I'll call the manager there, ask her for help in getting the last six done. It's important to her to get them all. See, a couple years ago, Spay Inc. got a bunch fixed there, but not all of them, so it just began all over again. Didn't help that tenants brought in unfixed cats. Most of the unfixed cats I have taken in from there were not feral, but rather, owned, or tame and abandoned. Abandonment rates there are extreme.

One tenant said most of the ones they got fixed disappeared. They claim some were shot with arrows by some mean guy and some other mean guy would feed cats to his pitbulls. It's not a easy place for cats or kids or anybody.

There's one little girl who's so cool, so interested, so grown up before her time. She's already virtually the mother of her little brother, at about age seven or 8 herself. She'd tell her brother, who is maybe four, who was bugging me and following me around too much she thought "Give her a moment, give her her space..." I told her, "You, girl, you have a brain. Do not waste it. Stay in school. Become a doctor or a scientist, something. Do not waste that brain of yours. You are smarter than I am. Do you hear me?" I wouldn't leave it alone until she nodded and agreed not to waste her life. I hope she can make it.

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