Monday, August 23, 2010

A Very Bad Place for Cats

I got a call this a.m. I'm still groggy from being up half the night over that darn pickup outside my bedroom. I finally fell asleep on my couch. I did not want to sleep in my bedroom a few feet from strangers with intent unknown.

And it got cold last night, really cold. Seems like fall is coming on quickly.

So this morning I get this call from a woman I've met a couple times. Apparently she got my number off the "I Quit" craigslist post I did last week, where I asked for help in placing the cats here because I'm closing the cat rescue down. She gleaned my number off that plea of mine for help by going to my website.

Her parents are cat collectors and the cats all have herpes and one, she said, is in the process of dying from an exploded eye and her parents yell at it now, that's its sick, and shoo it away, claiming it must be a dumped cat, although her daughter says its one of theirs. She didn't know what to do.

I had visited her parents house on the outskirts of Albany years ago, and tried to convince them then to let me help get their cats fixed. this was at the request of the daughter. She had described them as very very mean, and I experienced their meanness then. Nonetheless, I gave them my card, gave them information also about the FCCO clinics and urged them to get it done.

In the years since, I've run into the daughter a few times and urged her to get those cats fixed at her parents, to no avail.

Today, after she called, and described the horrors there, and wanted me to somehow "fix" the situation and treat all the sick cats, but said it would be problematic because both her parents are so mean, I told her she needed to immediately call the police and get them on this, because it's too much for me to handle, since those mean people won't even give permission to be on their property and all the cats are sick with herpes or chlamydia.

She wouldn't go for that saying her parents would know it was her. I said "So what? They've done it to themselves and made cats suffer for years." Time for mean parents to go to jail for their sins.

She interupted, said someone was at the door, said she'd call back. How do people not get involved and just make that call to the cops in the face of such suffering caused by two very very mean people?

I bet it's because she's scared of them, was brought up by them, maybe suffered because of their mean nature. People don't get as mean as they are overnight. She's probably always had to deal in fear with mean parents. Well, now she needs to deal with it by getting them jailed for long term animal neglect and abuse, which might also be good for her!

She's the eye witness. She's the one who can do it.

I hope she calls back. I can't even remember where her parents live. I can't help her, because the cats all need vet care for once in their lives, removed from those people, fixed, placed. I don't have the money or means to do that for her, and it is her parents and her responsibility, sadly, because that's a lot of weight on a daughter. I told her if she could take me out there, to witness what's going on now, I can make the call and find a way so it doesn't lay on her, that call. Not that the cops would do anything. You would hope they would, but that doesn't mean they will.

I can't get out of my mind the ruptured eye cat she described, and her father screaming at a sick dying cat to get away now.

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