Saturday, August 07, 2010

Four Big Boys Fixed Today

I was called back to the down town area, to get some cats fixed, but had been unable to connect with the very busy caretaker until last night. I caught the first three, all huge males, and I mean HUGE! A neighbor across the street in a run down apartment complex also was anxious to have help getting her male fixed, so he went along too. Big male day!

I didn't spend much time up near the clinic because they got them done very quickly. But, Wilsonville was having a festival in the park, so I sat there and ate lunch watching some local kid dance groups on the stage. They were so adorable, especially the Somoan dances. The boys did this Somaon man dance with the facial expressions and slapping themselves, which has become popular, like with football teams to intimidate the opposing team before the game. Anyhow, all the kids did a great job. It was relaxing and fun.

So I buzzed the boys up and then relaxed while they were fixed in the park. What a perfect day.

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