Saturday, August 07, 2010

Damanged Toenail

I have to bite the bullet and stick the hot needle through my toenail to reduce the pressure. It got damaged on the ten mile hike, wearing shoes that didn't fit. Got one toe somewhat crushed over the course of the day.

So the toenail is blue and swelling. Got to heat a syringe needle and stick it through. I've done it before, when I accidentally slammed my finger in my car door when getting out. The door also locked shut on my finger. I can't remember why, but I didn't have my keys and that was awkward and embarrassing. Someone finally came along and got the door open. Quite painful.

I forget who told me that's what I would have to do, to ease the pressure of that injury, so I did it, a few times and the nail fell off eventually. It was half fascinating, I have to admit.

So anyhow, that's the story on my crushed toe. Maybe I should have worn my sandals. I have been meaning to make myself those sandals out of my old tire, but the problem arose that I have nothing that will cut through the strands of steel in the rubber. I cannot find those tin snips anywhere. I better look again, or borrow some. I know I can make some durable sandals out of that tire. Can you imagine how durable tire sandals would be? I like the thought, too, of using that old tire for something useful.

I did the deed and poked a needle through my toenail and it bled a lot and now it feels a lot better.

Been disappointed (panicked) in trying to find the seven kittens here, in need of homes, homes. They are Peko, Nemo, Starry, Machi, Echo, Fantasia and eventually, Slurpy, but she will likely have a chronic virus, like herpes, now and then.

Tabitha, the 8th kitten here, is pre-adopted out and those folks are coming back from vacation to pick her up in a couple of weeks.

I've been posting on craigslists all over Oregon and have had an ad running. I have received three responses. One was some goofball guy who refused to fill out an application, claimed he would take three and take them to some farm he owns, although he said he also owns a house in Salem, but wanted to meet me halfway between here and Salem and did not want to even give his name or describe where the kittens would be and I told him "Sorry. I don't know you from adam."

Then an Albany woman called but when I asked her to fill out an application and told her why I ask that, like to make sure, if someone is renting, they have landlord permission, she never e-mailed for the application. Sounded nice, too, but maybe their landlord actually doesn't allow pets. Don't know.

Then someone in Salem e-mailed, said she wanted to get "a bunch" of kittens for her and a friend. I just e-mail an application, because that was probably a kid, and then I don't hear back.

I've also received about 40 spam e-mails from the craigslist ad. That's right, at least 40. Makes using craigslist a pain in the buttucka!

Anyhow, it's hard but I'll keep trying. These are sweet kittens. The application is really simple, too.

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