Sunday, August 08, 2010

Machi's Video

I signed up months ago for google ad share, where I agreed, I thought, to them running ads on only popular videos I've made on youtube. Instead, they now litter my channel with their ads, many of them advertising things I can't stand, and do not believe in, like donating to the ASPCA. I haven't gotten a dime from google for doing this and if I now opt out, my videos will be permanently deleted. It's a bunch of bull, is what it is, and I got tricked again. Well, it was months ago actually I signed on. Is there nowhere for the nobodies to reside free of sharks?

When I sign in to adsense, they claim I'm not even registered with them. Except I am, and they are posting ads on my videos. After a lengthy attempt to find the correct password, I found on my account page, that page inceptions, whatever that means have been 1300 but my earnings, for this time period of I don't know, many months, but under a year, now brace yourselves: $2.37. Yeah. Wow. I am just floored! Man alive. What could I buy with that? Well, in about four years, if these earnings keep going, I might be able to get one tube of Advantage! This is sooo worth it, to have my cute little kitten videos messed up by ads, for no return. It isn't worth it. I advise against ever doing this. I can't back out or they'll shut me down. I hope to actually back out, however, by shutting down my own account, when I have time. I will then create another one.

If I could choose who gets to advertise, like local legitimate and honest companies, I'd be happy to let it go. But I don't get to choose, and when I see ads appearing on my videos for the likes of the ASPCA, an organization that kills tons of animals, whose directors and managers get extreme salaries, I get ticked.

I just read an e-mail being forwarded around by a Portland woman shocked that a dog was killed at the Multnomah County Animal shelter because it had a skin condition. She is saying they're always claiming they have no money and that they are extremely high kill, yet the county shelter director makes $130,000 per year and the publicity director makes $80,000. She is appalled!

Animal killing, hidden behind the word "shelter" is BIG business and makes us little people working for nothing, trying to help animals, want to vomit.

So am I going to end my relationship with google adsense? Yup, you bet. I just disabled the account by disabling youtube access to my adsense account. Youtube is a google company. I also put in a request for shutdown of my adsense account completely. It's the best way for me to go, since I've not got some popular highly visited website, just a youtube site there specifically to help adopt out rescued cats, so I can then put them on the adoption sites. That's the only reason for the youtube site I have. I don't have time to maintain anything more.

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