Monday, July 12, 2010

Two More N. Albany Cats Fixed Today. Goodbye Buttercup.

I trapped two more of the now fixed torti's four kittens. One to go.
This big boy was trapped by the horse woman and is now neutered.
I trapped this muted calico yesterday and thought she was pregnant. However, she wasn't, just in heat.
Buttercup was adopted today by Jim and Jane, who yesterday took home Ginger, her sister.

Two more N. Albany adults were fixed today. I took up the muted calico, who looked pregnant but was actually in heat. I took up one of two big males causing issues in the area trapped by the horse woman. She stayed up til 2:00 a.m. to catch him. That's impressive.

Then she called me. I was in bed. She was just excited about catching him. I don't blame her.

I got dressed and went up and low and behold, two more of the now fixed torti's older kittens were in another trap I'd left set. Yahoo! One kitten to go. One more male. And possibly one more female.

So the in heat muted calico and the big male, driven nuts by her smell, were fixed. The two kittens will be fixed tomorrow.

I was exhausted today and slept in my car awhile up near the clinic. Then I went to Winco up there and witnessed an ugly scene. Parking lot road rage. It was a guy, one you'd kind of expect to be involved in such incidents, if there is a stereotypic road rager. He had some red Explorer or such type vehicle with fog lights and there was yelling going down. But the other participants, whom I saw park in front of me, facing me, then jump out of their car and rush two parking lanes over to get in the face of the red car man, were not exactly what I would expect, to be involved in a yelling match, over a parking space. The woman was thin, looked educated and extremely well dressed. She had a fufu dog in the car and her partner, a man, was also well dressed and appeared educated. I sat watching, stunned, then slipped into the store to escape the drama.

I mentioned it to the clerk and she said it goes on all the time. She said it went on at her gym, too, people fighting over the closest parking space to the door of the gym, even circling and circling to get the closest space until the gym got vallet parking. I said "You're kidding me. Vallet parking, at a gym?" She said, "Yeah, can you believe that? Kind of defeats the purpose of going."

I then went to the park and dozed off. I got a call, from Jim and Jane, who, just yesterday, took home Ginger. They wanted Buttercup, her sister, too. I was so thrilled, I cannot even say. I was talking to Jim while in the restroom, sitting on the can, in the park. It was nice and private and cool in there.

I picked up the big guy and the previously in heat calico and came home. Jim and Jane arrived shortly after and Buttercup is gone now too. I am happy, very happy. Only Machi, the male kitten, remains of the Lebanon four orangies.

So the muted calico is the same cat two people call "Grumpy" and another calls "Momma Cat". I had taken a photo of the cat on the run and compared the photo to a photo of the cat just fixed. That's a relief. I think there are now just two left, the orange kitten and one more tom.

I will return the two adults in the morning. Some neighbors are trying to trap the other kitten. The horse woman may be trying to trap the other male. I lost her card, so I can't contact her.

I set a trap at the rural trailer colony and caught a kitten big enough to be fixed. On the way back, I ran into two cats I knew sitting on the railroad tracks and offered them a ride home. Although the tabby came into my car briefly, she ultimately declined a ride.

I picked up a stray who needs fixed at an apartment complex. I trapped some at another location between Albany and Lebanon. Time to hit the sack. Except, I just heard a gunshot very near. Wait, it was just a board that flopped onto the cement in the wind.


  1. What happened to Jojo? Glad to hear about Ginger and Buttercup! That is wonderful, welcome news.

  2. I had to take Jojo to the Gorge with me, because she was not that strong. Anyhow, they ended up fostering her while I trapped, then agreed to take her in since the woman who fostered her adored her. So Jojo didn't come back with me and now resides in the beautiful Columbia Gorge.

  3. oh i am happy for Jojo too! Those were three very lucky little girl kittens!